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Tyra and Alan first met as teenagers, via Myspace. They lived in neighboring towns, and attended rival high schools. They talked online for awhile before meeting in person, discovering a similar taste in music and a shared love for the outdoors and art. As they got closer, they were able to support each other through some hard times, and helped bring light into each other’s lives. Soon after they met in person, they started dating, and were inseparable from then on. Over the years, they would spend most of their time together, enjoying nature in a variety of ways. They found a particular joy in fishing, especially off the Central Coast. Today, they catch all of their seafood themselves, and enjoy cooking together and for friends and family.

On their wedding day, Tyra and Alan had been together for twelve years. They had a long engagement and waited for the timing to feel right for their wedding. They didn’t mind waiting, since they were young when they met, and their relationship was strong.

They chose a very close friend, whom they both view as family, to officiate both of the ceremonies for their wedding. Buffalo had been Tyra’s art teacher in high school, and he became a cherished person in both of their lives. He was a witness and support to all of the growth, trials, and beauty of their relationship from the very beginning.  


Some details from Tyra:


“We actually got married twice in the same day. Our first ceremony was private and very spiritual, and held at McDowell Creek Park. The only witnesses there besides ourselves and our officiant were our maid of honor and the two photographers (Sean and Anna). It was a very personal and beautiful experience. Being able to just focus on each other, the beautiful nature surrounding us, and that moment was very meaningful. It was a very intimate, calming, and exciting experience. Buffalo wrote the ceremony and vows for the private ceremony.

“Our second ceremony was held at Alan’s parents’ home with our friends and family present, in the backyard, next to the river. Even though we had just seen each other moments before, my heart still skipped a beat and left me breathless for a moment as I walked down the aisle toward the love of my life. We wrote this ceremony ourselves, incorporating the vows instead of exchanging them, and had Buffalo officiate again. Feeling the excitement and loving support in the air from the loved ones surrounding us and bearing witness to that moment was very warm, joyful and special. 

“Our reception was held in the front garden. Being able to celebrate such a meaningful event in our lives with our families and close friends was wonderful, and we got to do so in a very comfortable and relaxed environment.

“Life is like a collage of moments that capture a feeling, emotion, memory, or symbolize something deep and meaningful. The collage from that day and the days that led up to it made for a really beautiful picture of that time in our life together.”

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