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Anna & Sean

In 2008, Sean sent me a message over social media. He was friendly and unassuming, and said I seemed like a fun person to talk to. When we met in person a few months later, we were immediately and forever inseparable.


Sean had just returned home from the Art Institute of Las Vegas, and we discovered early on that we were both driven by creativity, and a sense of adventure. We would walk through forests, go to the beach, visit new towns, always exploring. I had a cheap, sparkly-blue canon that took cold-toned, blurry, grainy photos, but I loved that little camera, and brought it everywhere.

We both had a little background in film, photography, and design. In 2010, Sean created Ivity Studios, and we began to actively pursue these passions as an art. We obtained a new camera. With our focus on portraiture, scenery, and photo manipulation in the beginning, we practiced and improved our skills, slowly developing our own styles, and cultivating small successes. We learned countless strategies and processes for our work along the way, and still adapt when we find a new technique, setting, or piece of equipment we want to apply....... READ MORE.

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