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Chris and Jessalie met in a Filipino club in college. They had one year together before graduation, when their relationship became long distance. For four years, Jessalie lived in California, and Chris lived in Oregon, but they would travel to see each other as much as possible. They spent their precious time together visiting wineries, hiking, cooking, and seeing new movies in theatres.


A few months before Jessalie would move to Oregon to be with Chris permanently, they eloped at Bridal Veil Falls in the Columbia River Gorge. They loved the forest and the waterfall there. Their officiator was a close friend from college, and they were accompanied by Jessalie’s sister and another dear friend. The waterfall hummed behind their ceremony and everyone radiated joy. The rain only added more beauty to the setting.


Jessalie’s dress was tailored in Santa Monica, and Chris wore a traditional Filipino Barong Tagalog. Their rings are inspired by the Mobius Strip. Jessalie and her sister arranged the flowers together. The calm pace of their day and the privacy of the forest created space for countless close, special moments. It was serene, playful, and elegant, all at once.

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